Why Boycott Divestment Sanctions


Published by the College and University Workers United (C.U.W.U)

On July 9, 2005, one year after the Advisory Opinion of the International
Court of Justice (ICJ) declared Israel‘s wall and settlements built on
occupied Palestinian territory to be illegal, over 170 Palestinian civil society
organizations urged the world to adopt a campaign of boycott, divestment
and sanctions (BDS) against Israeli institutions. This rapidly growing
campaign aims to block the political, military and economic support that
allows Israel to continue to violate international law. Among its demands
are a comprehensive boycott of all Israeli academic and cultural
institutions until such time as Israel withdraws from all the lands occupied
in 1967, including East Jerusalem; removes all its colonies from those
lands; agrees to United Nations resolutions relevant to the restitution of
Palestinian refugees’ rights; and dismantles its legalized and
institutionalized system of racial discrimination, a system of apartheid, as
defined by the United Nations.

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