Sixth Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics PCMTMP-VI

Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie, in cooperation with the Palestinian universities, is organizing the “Sixth Palestinian Conference for Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics”. August 2018 (5-8)


Recent trends in mathematics and physics have attracted more attention from both the public and private sectors, universities and specialized research centers for their ability to make qualitative difference in research at various fields. Hence, the need to organize a scientific conference focusing on and enhancing these modern trends is a must and as a result this conference was held as a series and every two years at a Palestinian university.

Therefore, Palestine Technical Universiy- Kadoorie is pleased to invite scientists, researchers, faculty members in universities and interested students in various fields of mathematics and physics to participate in this imporant scientific event by providing their research abstracts and scientific participations through the conference website.

The sixth conference will be characterized by several aspects. In addition to the main scientific program, international scientists and experts will hold short and intensive research seminars in mathematics, statistics and physics, to guide graduate students and to build cooperate bridges with members in Palestinian universities. Sessions will be organized to discuss the present situation of scientific research in Palestine and the ways to enhance scientific research. In addition, a special educational session will be held this year to discuss a very important issue for the Palestinian society, namely, the reluctance of students to enroll in mathematics and physics programs in universities, which have a very negative impact on the scientific and technological advancement of Palestinian society. Experts from universities, Ministry of Education and the private sector will discuss this phenomenon and suggest solutions and plans to deal with it

Conference Goals

The conference aims at:

  • Encouraging scientific research in Palestinian universities, especially in the fields of mathematics, physics and statistics.
  • Enhancing the prospects of cooperation and networking between researchers in Palestinian universities and their international counterparts.
  • Improving the quality of postgraduate programs in the relevant fields.

Important Dates

  1. Participants who wish to take part in the Conference are kindly asked to submit their abstracts no later than April 15, 2018 on the conference website
  2. Participants will be notified about accepting their papers no later than May 7, 2018.