AURDIP has two primary missions :

1. To promote the application of international law in Israel and Palestine ; specifically to oppose Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and Israel’s settlement policy, which fly in the face of international conventions on human rights, United Nations resolutions, and decisions of the International Court of Justice.

2. To defend Palestinians’ right to education and to support students and staff of Palestinian universities in the defense of this right.

With these goals in mind, AURDIP proposes to take the following steps, in coordination with organizations and individuals pursuing the same objectives, in France and abroad :

1. To press governments in Europe to suspend cooperative agreements between the European Union and Israel as long as the Israeli government fails to respect its obligations under international law.

2. To encourage university professors and researchers to reconsider their professional links with Israeli academic and cultural institutions as long as the Israeli government fails to respect its obligations under international law. This reconsideration may take various forms, for example refusal to participate in scientific meetings in Israel or in institutional collaboration between France and Israel, especially as regards military applications.

3. To take part in activities, within the university setting and in professional organizations, with the purpose of providing information on the situation in Palestine and on the real nature of the occupation and settlement policy.

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215 signatories
Lastname Firstname Affiliation Date
ABBES Ahmed Directeur de Recherches au CNRS May 2009
ABID Hasna U.S.T.A. January 2010
ABRAHAM Matthew DePaul Univresity June 2010
ALLIEZ Eric Professeur - Paris 8 / Kingston University July 2014
ALLOUI Ilham MCF - Université de Savoie June 2010
AMPHOUX Nicole chercheure en urbanisme (e.r) November 2016
ANBARI Idriss ulb October 2014
AUFFRET Thomas Sorbonne Université June 2018
AYOUB Houda École normale supérieure (Paris) July 2014
BAESENS Claude Université de Warwick May 2010
BALABANE Michel Professeur Université Paris-Nord May 2009
BALADI Viviane Directeur de Recherches Ecole Normale Supérieure May 2009
BALAFREJ Mohamed Amine ATER - Université Montpellier 2 July 2014
BALANA Arthur Université de Bordeaux October 2021
BALENGHIEN Thomas CIRAD November 2020
BARBOT Marie-José Lille3 January 2016
BARGE Jean Professeur à la retraite - Polytechnique June 2010
BASCH Françoise professeur émérite université paris diderot January 2018
BEAUVALLET Willy Université Lumière Lyon 2 / Laboratoire Triangle UMR 5206 27 February
BEN HOUNET Yazid CNRS October 2018
BEN-LAGHA Zaïneb MCF, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle June 2010
BEN-OTHMAN Mouna Assistante - ESSECT July 2011
BENEY Guy Chercheur AGP September 2012
BENNAFLA Karine Professeure à l'université Lyon 3 July 2015
BENNIS-BENNANI Yasmina Université de Casablanca Maroc April 2010
BENOUHIBA Nawel Dép. de mathématiques, Université Badji Mokhtar-Annaba, Algérie December 2018
BERNARD Patrick Université Paris-Dauphine October 2009
BERRAH Lamia MCF - Université de Savoie June 2010
BIZEAU Jean-Pierre MCF Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne June 2013
BKOUCHE Rudolf Professeur émérite Université de Lille 1 May 2009
BLIMAN Pierre-Alexandre Inria 24 January
BODIN Antoine IREM d'Aix-Marseille October 2009
BOEGLIN Nicolas Professeur de Droit International Public, Faculté de Droit, Université du Costa Rica August 2020
BOISSIERAS Fabienne MCF université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 July 2015
BONDON Arnaud CNRS, Université de Rennes 1 October 2009
BONNEU Michel Professeur Université de Toulouse-1 May 2009
BONTEMPS Véronique Chercheur CNRS July 2014
BONTEMPS Nicole Directeur de recherche CNRS en retraite August 2014
BONVARLET Monique Psychiatre April 2018
BOUAZAOUI Mohammed Professeur Université Lille 1 May 2009

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