AURDIP has two primary missions :

1. To promote the application of international law in Israel and Palestine ; specifically to oppose Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and Israel’s settlement policy, which fly in the face of international conventions on human rights, United Nations resolutions, and decisions of the International Court of Justice.

2. To defend Palestinians’ right to education and to support students and staff of Palestinian universities in the defense of this right.

With these goals in mind, AURDIP proposes to take the following steps, in coordination with organizations and individuals pursuing the same objectives, in France and abroad :

1. To press governments in Europe to suspend cooperative agreements between the European Union and Israel as long as the Israeli government fails to respect its obligations under international law.

2. To encourage university professors and researchers to reconsider their professional links with Israeli academic and cultural institutions as long as the Israeli government fails to respect its obligations under international law. This reconsideration may take various forms, for example refusal to participate in scientific meetings in Israel or in institutional collaboration between France and Israel, especially as regards military applications.

3. To take part in activities, within the university setting and in professional organizations, with the purpose of providing information on the situation in Palestine and on the real nature of the occupation and settlement policy.

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213 signatories
Lastname Firstname Affiliation Date
KAVIAN Otared Professeur, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin June 2010
KAZI-TANI Nabil Université de Lyon 1 December 2014
KHARAB Rachid Université de Rouen November 2009
KIRSTEIN Peter St Xavier University, Chicago June 2010
KLINGBERG Sylvia INSERM October 2009
KRIVINE Hubert Maître de conférence, retraité December 2009
LABICA Thierry MCf Nanterre September 2014
LAFOSSE Roger Retraité de l’Éducation Nationale September 2010
LAGEAT Yannick University of Western Brittany November 2020
LALLALI Mounir Maître de conférences à l'Université de Bretagne Occidentale August 2014
LAMBERT Jean Maître de conférences MNHN/CREM-LESC (CNRS) May 2015
LAMRANI Lila CNRS November 2016
LASCOUX Martin Professeur, Université d'Uppsala, Suède June 2010
LAUTIER Delphine Professeur - Université Paris-Dauphine June 2010
LAVAULT Christian professeur émérite, Université Paris 13 December 2014
LEBRUN Michael Université Libre de Bruxelles December 2012
LELEU Jean-Louis Université de Nice September 2015
LEPRINCE Stephanie creadeal December 2015
LEWKOWICZ Jacques Professeur Ecole de management Strasbourg (université de Strasbourg) June 2010
LIPPMAN Abby Professeure émérite, Univ McGill, Québec December 2014
MAMPEY Roger ingénieur de recherche retraité ONERA/Toulouse February 2016
MARGENSTERN Maurice professeur émérite, Université de Lorraine December 2014
MAUDUIT Christian Professeur Université de Marseille-Luminy May 2009
MENEGHINI Daniela Associate Professor à l'Université de Venise June 2010
MESSING William University of Minnesota October 2009
MIETTON Michel Professeur Université Lyon3 J. Moulin July 2015
MILLE Alain Université Lyon1 - émérite December 2015
MIMOUNI Jamal Université de Constantine1, Constantine, Algérie January 2015
MIR Nordine Professeur Université de Rouen May 2009
MOKRANE Farid Université Paris 8 October 2009
MONNERON Ariane Ancien Chef de Clinique Directeur de recherche au CNRS May 2009
MORAGUES José Luis Maître de conférences à la retraite November 2010
MOREAU Anne Maître de conférences October 2010
NAJIM Mohamed Professeur, Université de Bordeaux September 2010
NICODEME Pierre CR CNRS honoraire, associe LIPN-Paris13 September 2014
NOONAN Máire McGill University May 2010
OBERLIN Christophe Professeur et Chef de Clinique Université Paris-7 et Hopital Bichat May 2009
OESTERLÉ Joseph Professeur Université Paris-6 May 2009
OLFF-NATHAN Josiane Université de Strasbourg October 2009
OLLAT Nathalie Ingénieur de recherches - INRA October 2013

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