Ma’an : Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions : Lesson learned in effective solidarity


The Ma’an Development Center |

The similarities between apartheid South Africa and Israel are, sadly, wellknown.
However, one analogy may prove particularly useful : South Africa’s resistance
history offers useful lessons around local and international civil protest and more
notably regarding the potential impact a coordinated campaign of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) could have. Just as occurred in South Africa, existing solidarity for Palestine needs to be galvanized to transform current feeling into a powerful global movement that can isolate Israel. Just as the 1960 massacre
of protesters at Sharpeville spurred on the campaign to end Apartheid, global,
regional and local civil society outrage over Israel’s actions is at a peak following
the massacre of over 1,400 Gazans during Israeli Operation Cast Lead. Now is the
opportune time.

This report traces the history of BDS for Palestine and outlines current efforts and
challenges that must be overcome. By increasing awareness of the movement
and drawing upon the successful South African experience, the report aims to
inform civil society movements of how to better harness the mass outrage felt by so
many over Israel’s violations of the rights of the Palestinian people. As the report
demonstrates, these efforts must occur at all levels ; locally, regionally and internationally. Moreover, boycott, divestment sanctions is a tactic that can be adopted by individuals, companies and governments, meaning we all have the agency to make a difference.

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