Israeli Universities to Award Academic Credit for Military Reserve Duty


AIC | 29/05/2011 |

Israel’s Council for Higher Education plans to approve for the coming academic year the provision of two academic credits for those who serve in military reserve duty.

According to the Hebrew language online news site Walla, this decision of the Council will be brought for final approval in the near future. Chairperson of the Universities Committee, Professor Rivka Karmi, said that she welcomes the decision. According to her, “service in extended (military) reserve duty represents a substantial contribution to society in Israel. It is appropriate that universities that recognize a contribution to society for the accumulation of academic credits will also recognize reserve duty for this.”

Palestinian citizens of Israel would obviously be excluded from this, as would the vast majority of women in Israel, who either do not serve in reserve duty or serve extremely short periods.

This is “reserve duty appreciation week” in Israel, and Israel’s Knesset has planned several official ceremonies and events to mark this occasion.