Army incursion : the recent attack on Kadoorie


Dear Friends of Kadoorie,

Since our April 2016 campaign, not much has changed on the ground despite IDF promises, but the campus was relatively quiet. Since you have last heard from us, University staff and students struggled mainly with chronic power shortcuts, also the result of occupation policy.

On Thursday night, November 17th, at 3am, the army invaded the campus. According to reports, soldiers broke into the main administration building, and tearing its door apart, entered the computer lab, and confiscated electronic materials. The archive of campus security cameras footage was confiscated. Kadoorie’s statement reads :

“this is a continuation of an ongoing assault against our University that threatens the lives and security of students and staff.”

As “friends of Kadoorie,” we stand in solidarity with the university and strongly condemn this attack. We demand a complete stop to army incursions. We will stand to vigilantly defend students or staff members that may be targeted as a result of the incursion.

On a more positive note, we wish to inform you that we continue to plan for an international event at Kadoorie. We also want to inform you of a symposium that will take place on November 28th at the University of Haifa, titled “Kadoorie : from Mandate to Occupation.” The event will cover the rich history of the institution and address its contemporary struggle. Join Academia for Equality and Kadoorie’s joint effort to raise awareness in Israel and beyond by taking local initiatives such as these to highlight what is going on in Kadoorie and the plight of academia in Palestine under the occupation in general.

Thank you for your enduring support,

Kadoorie team and Academia for Equality